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Please note: The City of New York Executive Order No. 41, September 17, 2003: A City Agency generally cannot reveal confidential information about an individual, including immigration status, without the individual's express authorization.

Tips for Immigrant Families

  • Undocumented parents can safely access benefits for citizen children.
  • Accessing food stamps, health insurance, WIC, and public housing will not affect immigration status.
  • All families with children under five and below 185 percent Federal Poverty Level are eligible for WIC, regardless of immigration status.
  • Undocumented immigrant families should NOT disclose their immigration status, visa, or passport information to any state or federal agency.
  • Undocumented immigrant families should NOT use false names or Social Security numbers when completing birth certificates or other official documents.
  • Immigrant families should not be afraid to report a landlord to inspectional services or take a landlord to court to fix substandard housing conditions.

For a complete explanation on eligibility of non-citizens in New York State for certain federal and state public benefits, go to:

To see Non-Citizen Eligibility for Government Benefits in New York State, please click on a category below.

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